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Religious Oriented Links 
Note:  sites listed below are not necessarily endorsed by me.  In fact, many of these links contain doctrines and philosophies diametrically opposed to mine.  They are included only for information purposes, because I firmly believe that it is helpful to understand, to the best of my ability, the viewpoints of those who disagree with me in order to best explain my own viewpoint.  I make no claim that the categorization of these links is completely  or necessarily even partly accurate.  They just happen to be placed under the headings that seemed to be appropriate at the moment.


The Nuremberg Files (Radical Pro-Life)
Victory Won -Pro Life Bumper stickers etc
Family Research Council Pro-Family Issues
Birth Control Pill Causes Abortions -- Pro-Life America, Celebs expose abortion! Celebrities, S
Pro-Life America, FREE prolife catalog, Celebrities & prolife experts speak on abortion, dating


The Secular Web -
American Atheists counter atheism


World Wide Study Bible - includes McGarvey Commentary
GodRules.NET - Resources
Free Christian Library On-line Home page
Audio Bible Online
The NET Bible ©1996 Biblical Studies Press
The Bible in MP3 Audio Format
Online Bible Windows Home Page
CrossWalk Online Bibles
e-Sword Home - the best free Bible study software for Windows
Blue Letter Bible
J. W. McGarvey's The Fourfold Gospel [Title Page].
Q. Which is the best version of the Bible to use - Is the Bible of human or divine origin
Buy a bible -The Bible Socitety's Bible resources website carefully selects a range of Bible related resources, in a variety of formats, that complement our work of making the Bible heard.  

church of Christ



Christian Chronicle
Christian Chronicle pubication


Apologetics Press Home Page
Christian Courier biblical apologetics, religious doctrine, ethical issues

Schools - Colleges

Ohio Valley University (OVU) Christian Liberal Arts Education in West Virginia
Nations University Home Page
Global Christian University
Harding School of Theology
Harding University Home
Welcome to the Internet School of Preaching



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3000 Sermons
Thousands of Sermons and Studies



WBS School Page
Yahoo! Clubs worldbibleschool
Journeys Along God's Path World Bible School
Index of Tracts - WBS Grader program
World Bible School Teacher Resources
Become a Teacher - GS - Printed Bibles


The Interactive Bible - Evangelism
Door-to-Door Evangelism
Personal Evangelism - non COC

Misc! - Free Home Site for Churches of Christ
Bible InfoNet Collection of conservative Bible articles
Bible Truths, Salvation, Creation, Angels, Jesus, God, Holy Spirit Bible, Bible Study, Ask Bible Questions, Bible Internet FAQ
Church of Christ Websites - Website design, domains, transfers, and hosting service for Churches of Christ
Edward Fudge's Site - promotes baptism as nonessential
Free Christian Library On-line Home page
Free the Laos 13 -- Victims of religious persecution
God's Plan of Salvation
Herald of Truth bringing the hope and promise
Iglesia de Cristo
In Search of the Lord's Way
Interactive Bible Home Page
Maxey Family
New Testament Word Study on the word Pastor, Bible study resources from
The Narrow Way - racial issues
To God Be The Glory. . .
Truth for the World
Truth, God, faith, religion and the facts - knowtruth
Unbound Word-Buck Griffith's Prison Ministry
Welcome To Bible
What Do The Scriptures Say


Sycamore View Church of Christ

Sycamore View Church of Christ
Mount Massive Summit Log-SVCC Trek

Broken Arrow Church of Christ
Quince Road Church of Christ
Madison Church Of Christ
Mill Creek Church of Christ Internet Page
West-Ark Church of Christ Home Page
White's Ferry Road Church of Christ
Welcome to Donelson Church of Christ!
Oak Hills Church of Christ-Max Lucados
Raleigh Community church of Christ
Palmetto Church of Christ home page -- Welcome!
Benton Church of Christ
Great Oaks church of Christ
Niceville Chuch of Christ
Southwest Church of Christ-Jonesboro AR
Boulevard Church of Christ-Memphis
Church of Christ - Sedona AZ
White's Ferry Road Church AMEN and Relief Ministries Home Page
Bartlett Church of Christ, Memphis, Tennessee

Directories, searches

Bible 101 (Churches)
Church of Christ directory, etc.
Welcome to ChurchZip
Churches of Christ Links - Christian Web Directory


1. Young World Evidence - ChristianAnswers.Net
Creation Evolution Encyclopedia, Natural Remedies, etc
Creationism Connection
Earth Science Associates
Evolution vs. Creation Resource Center
Creation Science
Joshua's Long Day
2nd Law of Thermodynamics problem
TCN Home Page
Answers in Genesis Ministries Creation - Evolution, Biblical Authority Affiliated Web site
Humphreys answers about Starlight and Time
How can we see distant stars in a young Universe
Origins The universe and humankind - knowtruth
Creation Research Society


Bible Answer Man - Broadcast Archives
Christian Research Institute - Welcome


All men will be saved
Biblical Errancy
False Teachings of Our Time
Recovery from Mormonism
The Mormon Standard Works
What to do if Your Friend or Loved One is Recruited into a Cult
Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry-Message Boards
The Hindu Universe - Hindu Resource Center
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Covenant of the Goddess - Witches
Zoroastrian Home Page
Disrespect to Christians Church


Southern Baptist

SBCnet Home Page
Love Worth Finding®-Adrian Rogers

Disciples of Christ - Christian Church

Disciples of Christ Home Page



Chicago Church of Christ
The Official International Church of Christ Web Site


Central North Church
The First International Church Of The Web, established February 7, 1997


Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)
Cumberland Presbyterian Denomination
Solid Rock Baptist Church - Independent Baptist


American Baptist Churches Mission Center ONLINE - The Official Homepage of American Baptist Chu
Amish Religious Freedom
Church of Christ, Scientist official home page
Church of England Menu
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America - Home Page
Quakers - The Religious Society of Friends
The United Methodist Church - Official site


Theology Discussion
HalleluYah Ministries Friendy Debate Board
Debates -sponsored by CoC
Global Christian Network-Chat



101 Questions For Campbellites

Seek The Old Paths, 101 Questions for Campbellites - answered

Brown - Cook Debate
Baptism For Remission of Sins - Index
Anti - THE GOSPEL - Transitional Interpretation
Penobscot Valley Church - Objections to Baptism
Baptism - Links


Total Hereditary Depravity

Do We Inherit Adam's Sin
New International Version in Psalm 515

Unconditional Election

The Elect Of God (12)
Comparing teachings on Predestination
Foreknowledge - Refutation of Calvinsim
Predestination - John Calvin - Molech Contrast
Sovereign God responsible for evil
Calvin Warning About Predestination
Election in Ephesians

Perseverance Of The Saints

Once Saved Always Saved - fact or fiction - not a link - Eternal Security, Once Saved Always, Perseverance of the Saints, Arminianism, Calvinism
Once Saved - Always Saved

A Critical Examination of Calvinism
5 Point Calvinism Refuted MAIN HOMEPAGE
Calvinism FAQ at Bumby C of Christ
Calvinism Refuted


Predictions by Elizabeth Toles

Old vs New Covenant

Colossians 214,15
Sabbatarianism Re-Examined - Colossians 216
Why Do Christians Worship Upon The First Day Of The Week
Should We Follow The Ten Commandments Today
The Two Covenants
Sabbath Keepers Refuted Home Page!
Which Commandments Did Jesus Break


Trinity - Alexander Campbell

Miraculous Gifts

1 Cor. 13 - Passage of Miraculous Gifts
The Holy Spirit and Miraculous Gifts


James Randi Educational Foundation homepage
Liberty Gospel Tracts - Bible Study Course - Drinking Alcoholic Beverages
THE SERPENT - Where Did the Devil Come From
The Truth About Hell-Real Sounds from Hell
agape - by Robert Wieland
Creeds of Christendom

Falun Gong

Falun Dafa
Falun Dafa Canada
Falun Info Net


Little Greek 101 Learning New Testament Greek
The Biblical Greek Mailing List (B-Greek)

Helps - Society Links Directory
Barna Research Group -- Strategic Marketing and Cultural Trends
God's Yellow Pages
Dead Sea Scrolls -- Intro
1. ChristianAnswers.Net Answers, Ministry To. - Religion Statistics and Geography - Church Statistics
CESNUR - Center for Studies on New Religions - CESNUR, Center for Studies on New Religions,Mass
Christian Coalition
Guide to Early Church Documents
My Utmost For His Highest Calendar-Title Index
OCRT An agency promoting religious tolerance as a human right
Read the Bible in a Year
Religious Resources on the Net - 35,000 Free Sermons
The Freedom in Christ Home Page
The JESUS Film Project - View-Listen Online
The Religious Movements Homepage @ The University of Virginia
The Genealogy from Adam to Jesus Christ
The Bible Challenge - Bible Trivia - Bible Quiz


Christianity and Homosexuality Site Map
Mastering Life Ministries


Islamic Thought (MSA @ University at Buffalo)
The Koran
Answering Islam, A Christian-Muslim Dialog and Apologetic
Islam Review - Presented by The Pen vs. the Sword Featured Articles . . . Islam the Facade, the - Download FREE, cheap, excellent softwares
Islamic Web Guide
Radical Muslim propanda site


Jewish Torah Audio of Index of Classes


Jehovah's Witnesses Watchtower Society Offic.
CR&E Jehovah's Witness Resource Page
Biblioteca Teocrática de los Testigos de Jehová
Jehovah's Witnesses United


Scientific Mumbo-Jumbo

TLC - The Lost Ark - Interactive

Worship Songs

Praise and Worship Songs - Index
Top Songs Chart
The Cyber Hymnal

Humor and Inspirational

A Frail Old Angels Cry
Christian Humor And Apologetics - Home Page
Father's Love Video Preview
Flumby's Gif Pages
Fun Page
I Go To My Father......Through His Only Son
If Jesus Came To Your House
Interview with God - Flash
karagrace's Home Page
Last Days Min. (Keith Green) Page
Power of Jesus
Reverend Fun - Christian cartoons at
The Lighthouse Movement
The Lord's Prayer Flash Movie
What if
Christian Mall Jobs Penpals, Great ECards at


Christmas Celebrations, Traditions and Kids Activities
Mark Eidemiller's Soapbox Page Halloween A Season For Giving


Persecution of Christians - The Bible League
The Voice of the Martyrs