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Daily Bible Reading

Click Here to view and/or download the reading plan.

For best results when using as a bookmark, fold the printed page down the middle with four columns on each side, leaving the printed side out.  Then fold it again in the middle of four columns, leaving two columns on each side.  You will have excess margin on one side of the fold which can be trimmed off to even it out.  You may prefer the results of trimming off all but a 0.2" margin before folding, to make a slightly smaller and perfectly even bookmark.

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view, save and print the document.  
If you do not have it you can download
 and use it free by clicking on the Adobe image:  

From my youth I attempted to read the entire Bible many times, but when I tried to read straight through I would always seem to get bogged down and lose interest in Leviticus or Numbers.  I also tried reading plans where during the same day some of the Old Testament and some of the New Testament would be read, but found this too confusing and hard to remember what I had just read.  Finally, about eight years ago I decided to try the reading plan contained in the NIV Student Bible that I had recently purchased.  It alternates between the Old Testament for several days and then goes to the New Testament for a few days. 

This works great for me!  It starts out reading all of Genesis, then goes to Matthew and so forth.  Enough time is spent in each testament that it's easy enough to understand the sequence of events and comprehend the valuable messages contained therein.  But not too much time is spent in one testament so that it becomes tedious.  The difference was like night and day compared to other reading plans I tried.  The end of this year marks the 7th consecutive year that I've read the entire Bible in a year and I enjoy it even more now than the first couple of times.

A few years ago I discovered that I could put the plan on a single page arranged with eight columns, fold the page three times with two columns between each fold in such a way as to make an ideal bookmark.  I modified the NIV plan slightly so that no chapters are broken up over more than one day and thereby make it possible to get eight columns on a page.  This does make some days have more reading than others, but it still is by far the best reading plan I've ever used. 

God bless you in the study of His word,

John Hunt

Revised 4/11/02